The 2019 Greater Gig Harbor

Open Studio Tour

September 20,21, & 22, 2019

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
10am to 5pm

Screening for new members is on Saturday, February 16, 2019.

Screening will occur at Morso Wine Bar, 9014 Peacock Hill Ave, Gig Harbor, WA. (253-530-3463)

Art drop off will be between 9:45 AM – 10:00 AM
Art pickup at 11am

Artists wishing to screen must provide digital images by February 9th

The 2018 EXHIBITING ARTISTS...... Click a linked name / linked image to see more of the artist's work !

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Michael S. Hoover
Art in Stone
Studio # 1

Kathy Thurston
Studio # 2

Lucy Rau
Studio #3

Donna Trent
Oil,Pastel, & Drawings
Studio # 4

Emily Maxson Porter
Encaustic & Watercolor
Studio # 5

Kelly Allard
Oil Paint
Studio # 6

Robin Marsh
Pen & Ink
Studio # 6

Nikki Brook
Oil & Acrylic Paint
Studio # 7

Barb Bourscheidt
Functional &
Decorative Pottery
Studio # 8

Claudia Ann Wild
Studio # 8

Elizabeth Cox
Oils & Watercolor
Studio # 9

Paulette Hoflin
Jewelry, Beaded
Studio #10

Jane Henson
Watercolor, Mixed Media,
Pen & Ink
Studio # 10

Shannon Kruger
Studio #11

Kate Larsson
Studio # 11

Miles Struxness
Studio # 12

Suzi Sharp
Mixed Media Mosaics
Studio # 13

Scott Scheibal
Bonsai &
Custom Rock Planters
STudio # 14

Wanda Garrity
Studio # 15

Marty Bobrowski
Stained Glass
Studio # 15

Karen & Norman Geiger
Studio # 16

Brad Stave
& Woodturning
Studio # 16

Gail Kelly
Paper/ Clay
Studio # 17

Dan Stromstad
Wood Turning
Studio # 18

Fred Buxton
Fused Glass
Studio # 19

Marci Carlson
Oil Paint
Studio # 19

Andrew Degoede
Oil, Charcoal, & Chalk
Studio # 20

Sharon Feeney
Stone Sculpture
Studio # 21

Jill Whitmore
Kiln Fired Glass Art
Studio # 21

Mary J. McInnis
Pastels & Oils
Studio # 22

Jeff Yeager
Recycled Metal
Yard Art
Studio # 22

Jani Freimann
Studio # 23

Lola Waller
Studio # 23

The Open Studio Tour is a sponsored project of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation

For Information on the 'Call for Artists,' Screening, and OST Artists' Contract

in the 2019 Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour

Use this link................................

Open Studio Tour continues the tradition established in 1993 of juried, select Greater Gig Harbor area artists opening their working studios to the public. The artists are dedicated to providing the rare opportunity of seeing the artists in their studio environment and offering explanations and demonstrations of their materials and art process.

Open Studio Tour is also a once-a year opportunity to admire and acquire fine and functional works of art directly from the people who create them.

If you wish to contact member artists use the email link on their pages.

To request additional tour nformation, please email

Open Studio Tour 2018 exhibiting Members

President: Kathy Thurston
VP: Michael Hoover

Secretary:Gail Kelly

Treasurer: Wanda Garrity

Member at Large:
Marty Bobrowski

View the Art of Member Artists who have Exhibited in Recent Past Tours

Dan Barnett
Miriam Barnett
Patrice Bruzas
Sharon Carr
Judy Gilbert

Gary Jackson
Carol Ann Johnson
Chris Johnson
Kristin Johnson
Anne Moore Knapp

Kit Kuhn
Sooz Mansueto
Charli Meacham
Jordan Meyers
Karen Miner

Taylor Reed
Sandy Robbins
Joan Teed
Christine Thompson

The Open Studio Tour is sponsored project of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation, a 50I(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, registered with the Washington State Charities Program as required by law. Donations to the Open Studio Tour Project are greatly appreciated and can be made through Paypal at this link.

Information may be obtained by calling (800)332-4483 or (360)725-0378.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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