The Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2018

September 14, 15, & 16
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

10am to 5pm...............FREE


Oil & Acrylic Paint

"Art is not a thing; it is a way."

~ Elbert Hubbard

I am a Contemporary Visual Artist. My paintings are designed to conjure feeling rather than conceptual ideas. I visually integrate physical and spiritual aspects of life into my work to create an interactive medium for viewers to experience their unique perspective.

 My paintings are inspired by elements of nature, architecture and design. I paint atmospheric abstracts, moody seascapes and deconstructed architecture. A minimalist aesthetic is conveyed through monochromatic and limited color schemes. I visually distill subjects down to their essence. My emphasis is on structure, gradations, light and space. The mediums I use alternate between acrylic and oil paints with the occasional application of plaster for texture. I paint on wood panels to reinforce a modern architectural aesthetic. At present, I am working on a series of paintings inspired by water. In this body of work, I focus on transparency, spontaneity, movement and reflections.

 I studied Fine Art at San Jose State University and taught art at a private school in California. In 2015 I opened MOOD, a furniture boutique and art gallery, which also serves as a working art studio. The concept behind MOOD is to inspire artful living. MOOD is a venue for curated products by local artisans and makers. We are a multidisciplinary resource for communal and individual expression. I also teach private art lessons and group classes to encourage the spirit of creativity in our community.

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Enjoy the newest art and widest range of individual artist's original work providing the rare opportunity of seeing the artists in their studio environment and offering explanations and demonstrations of their materials and art process. This is also a unique time to purchase fine art directly from the artists.

Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2018


September 14, 15, & 16
from 10am to 5pm

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