The Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2019

September 20, 21, & 22

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

10am to 5pm...............FREE


Art in Stone

" I received your jewelry and knife work utilizing the Kobuk Jade. It is awesome and very nicely finished. The variety and styles of the jewelry are pleasing to look at and the knives are finely finished. I have tried to get local Alaska knife makers to do similar work and the ones I have spoken to all say jade is too challenging to work with, thus a testament to your work. "

" Your works are the first creations in decades utilizing this unique Kobuk nephrite. I will say your work has done the stone justice. Perhaps it will also provide the spark for a new revival in interest in Kobuk Jade. Again thank you for agreeing to utilize the Kobuk Jade to see how it cuts and polishes. I look forward to additional projects with you."

Lance Miller, Ph.D
VP –Natural Resources
The NANA Corporation

I am a utilitarian artist as I want the works I do to be affordable, worn and used. Knives are my “canvas” of choice as they display the stone I use extremely well and they are designed to be used. My jewelry is a minimalistic design where the use of metal is kept to a minimum and the stone is the focal point. My goal is to create very cost effective works that are designed to be worn or used.

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Enjoy the newest art and widest range of individual artist's original work providing the rare opportunity of seeing the artists in their studio environment and offering explanations and demonstrations of their materials and art process. This is also a unique time to purchase fine art directly from the artists.

Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2019


September 20, 21, 22
from 10am to 5pm

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