The Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2019

September 20, 21, & 22

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

10am to 5pm...............FREE


Wood Turning

"A ceramics instructor said that

I had an extremely great eye

for shape and my forms were splendid.

“You are a true artist!!”

Growing up in Richland Washington enabled me to be around my two uncles who were in construction and both dabbled in woodworking as well as my father.  In shop class I became enamored with the wood lathe.  Another uncle gave me his lathe as a result.  My father and I had many fun times with the lathe.  Then I left home for college and marriage with two fine sons.

After my father passed away my lathe came back to me.  The fire was rekindled.  Now with three lathes for different purposes I am able to create functional art.  Some wood art is created for the purpose of art alone.  Most of my efforts are for useful and beautiful turned wood treasures.

I was mentored by an internationally known turner and after many years of effort am now demonstrating and teaching other turners.  Have demonstrated at clubs in in Fife and Olympia as well as at the State Fair. 

It is a true joy to see what is hidden in local trees.  Most of the wood that I choose to use grows in and around this area.  Since most of this wood is freshly cut as a result of storms it requires special treatment and curing which can take as much as three years for some woods.  The wood is turned into a basic form and slowly dried.  Some woods require special treatment to prevent cracking.  Therefore patience is a requirement.  Once the wood is ready for the second turning all the excitement begins.  This is the second creative stage with all the fine details to make the turning special and unique.

When you come to my shop you may experience this last stage of creativity.  If you miss this opportunity Harbor Optical also displays my work.

Enjoy the newest art and widest range of individual artist's original work providing the rare opportunity of seeing the artists in their studio environment and offering explanations and demonstrations of their materials and art process. This is also a unique time to purchase fine art directly from the artists.

Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2019


September 20, 21, 22
from 10am to 5pm

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